Wheein of girl group Mamamoo Leaves the Group


While member Wheein of girl group Mamamoo decided to leave her agency RBW, she expressed her feelings in a handwritten letter.

On the 12th, Wheein posted a picture on her Instagram along with the caption, "I will show you a good side as both Wheein and Mamamoo. Thank you for your support!"

The published photo shows Wheein telling fans her story with own handwriting. Wheein said, "I am are ready to leave RBW, our hometown, and move into a new environment, who have been crying and laughing together for 10 years since we were trainees."

"I'm really grateful to our Moomoos for sharing the 7 most brilliant years of my life with the youth, and I will work harder, work harder and work harder to show you with good music in order to spend happier days with Moomoo and the members.

Wheein said, "All four of us Mamamoo will always be by your side. We will cherish the many words of support, worry, and encouragement in our hearts and live the days ahead with great courage."

Meanwhile, RBW announced through an official position on the 11th that the exclusive contract with Wheein had ended. RBW said, "Mamamoo's Wheein has been in in-depth discussions with the members and the company for a long time and from various angles, but ultimately decided not to renew the contract, and the exclusive contract with the company is ending. We sincerely hope that happiness and good fortune always follow Wheein, who is on a new starting line.”

Written by Kang Min Kyeong
Translated by Lee So Yun



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