ITZY ,'GUESS WHO' group teaser additionally release


South Korean girl group ITZY presents two concepts with two sides at the same time through a new album and explodes the charm of hwasoobun.

ITZY posted a group teaser image for the new album 'GUESS WHO' on the official SNS channel at 0:00 on the 14th, and added a photo with a new concept at noon on the same day as half a day, attracting the attention of K-pop fans around the world.

The new group teaser gave off a different feeling from the wild and unstoppable charm in the previously opened image. The five members stimulated the curiosity of those who stare at the camera with an expression that seems to be hiding something in a chic and lofty form in a room with colorful props such as collage images, beds, and teddy bears.

In particular, according to the content release time, it revealed two contrasting concepts, 'NIGHT' and'DAY', foretelling that the new album is a dramatic work.

Written by Lee Deok Haeng 
Translated by Lee So Yun

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