Heize Announces Comeback


Heize posted the 6th mini album 'Lyricist' tracklist image on the official social media on the 4th. 

According to the released tracklist image, title songs are 'Lyricist' and'The Work Is So Good'. 

In addition, a total of 5 songs were recorded including 'Your Name is (Feat. ASH ISLAND)', '1/4000 (Feat. G-Chanel)', and 'Not to see you again'.

Heize, who participated in writing, composing, and arranging 4 songs, except for the 5th track, will showcase her 'now' and 'some things that cannot be abandoned' to further expand her musical capabilities.

In addition, hot new rappers ASH ISLAND and musician G-Chanel participated in the feature and added new charms. In particular, G-Chanel is a veiled musician who has not yet debuted. Heize says that she was in love with G-Chanel's voice and musicality, who sent a demo by email, wanted the musician to participate. 

Meanwhile, the sixth mini-album'Lyricist', which is more anticipated with the autobiographical story of Heize, will be released through various sound source sites on the 10th at 6pm.

Written by Lee Jung Ho
Translated by Lee So Yun



image '놀면 뭐하니?' 효리X비