Taeyang, "I never wish my popularity would ever increase"


On the 25th, on the official YouTube channel of Sun and Big Bang, the documentary of Taeyang, '白夜 | WHITE NIGHT Episode 3, 'Daybreak' was released.

In episode 3, US tour scene of Taeyang's 3rd regular album 'WHITE NIGHT' in 2017 was drawn up and close. He revealed that the Americas tour was the first time as a solo, and he showed a desire to do well and full of excitement.

However, the process wasn't just smooth. As usual, Taeyang, who was preparing for the stage carefully, deepened his worries about completeness. There were some big and small regret about the Americas tour due to various sizes and versions. This was because there were realistic limitations that had to be considered from the perspective of the production staff.

“I want to show the best quality I can to people who come to see my performances, whether it's 100, thousand, or 10,000,” said Taeyang.

"The album and the concert should really be the singer's work. It's our calling to make you think that you want to see that person's next work," he added.

Written by Yoon Sang Geun
Translated by Lee So Yun

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