TikTok Holds TikTok Stage with Hip Hop Playa' on May 27


Global short video application TikTok is holding a hip-hop concert.

On the 21st, as part of the Smile Project #smilewithTikTok for people tired of Corona19, Tic-Tok is a joint concert with Hip-Hop Playa who has been performing hip-hop concerts for over 20 years in Korea on the 27th. 'Held.

As a result, Tic-Tok hosted the K-pop concert 'TikTok Stage Live From Seoul' on the 25th and held the 'TikTok Stage with Hiphopplaya' at 8 pm on the 27th. As part of #smilewithGlobal short video application TikTok plans to deliver a message of hope and cheer to the world in the middle of COVID 19 crisis. 

All viewers from all over the world watching the live broadcast of the TikTok stage will participate in the donation. TikTok plans to donate to the social welfare community fundraising group of love for the socially vulnerable groups affected by Corona virus.

In particular, TikTok Stage is a new concept participatory concert that combines performances and donations, and will show a vertical live concert in the form of a show, and expected to provide lively attractions to users around the world.

Korea's leading hip-hop musicians including Epic High, Jesse, Jay Park, Sense, Zico, Giri boy, Crush, Heize, Changmo, Dean, Sik K, Bobby, Super B, MISO, KidMilli, PH-1, Uneducated Kid, ASH ISLAND, Yuzion, TABBER, TWLV, and ALL READY crew have announced participation, making 22 teams in total and the news already have attracted the attention of hip-hop enthusiasts.

Park Jaemin and Kim Yoon Ji will MC the event. 

Meanwhile, 'ticktalk stage with hip hop play' will be held as an unattended performance at 8:00 pm on the 27th, and will be broadcast live simultaneously around the world through the @tiktok_stage account. If you follow the account in advance, you will be notified with a live start.

Written by Lee Jung Ho
Translated by Lee So Yun



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