BTS Jimin fandom support '7th Anniversary Event' since debut


The globally popular idol group BTS celebrates its 7th anniversary on June 13th since its debut

There were many event advertisement support to celebrating the group's anniversary. 

In April, Jimin's Chinese fan base 'Serendipity Jimin China (JM_CN_Resource, SINA), which launched the public foundation thanks to Jimin's good influence, announced three large event ad support to celebrate the 7th anniversary of debut.

First of all, advertisements for Jimin support of 100 seconds and 20 seconds are sent to the large screen of the AMT Transportation Center on the B1 floor of Incheon International Airport Terminal 1, which starts on the 15th and runs through June 16 next month. The event, which has already started on the 15th, has become an issue with many fans' reviews.

The second event that followed was from June 1st to 15th, with 1,200 indoor screens across the nation's OLIVE YOUNG stores. 100 times a day, 30 seconds of 7th anniversary celebration advertisements will be sent out, and the lastly from June 12th to 19th, advertisements of Jimin will be sent for more than 145 times a day for 20 seconds through the screen of Hongik University Station on the Seoul Subway Line 2.

Another Chinese fan base, 'Flipped_ForChimX2 (1013_PJMS),' said on the 20th that it will be conducting LED advertisements, 'Park Ji-Min's 7th Anniversary Event', from the shopping passage of 'I Park Mall' in Yongsan from June 8th to 20th.

The 'last stop (LSST)' fan account will hold an advertisement support event for the 7th anniversary of Jimin's debut, 257 times a day, through 30 screens of Hongik University Station for a month from June 1 to 30 Said. Next, from June 11 to 14, a cup holder and mini exhibition event will be held at the cafe 'Low Film Hongdae'. 'LSST' added a request to wear a mask on the spot.

Jimin's fan account 'Love Letter Jimin (LOVELETTER_1013)'  will be advertised for 10 seconds of event advertisement 100 times a day through the LED display of 'Lotte Department Store Jamsil Branch' in Seoul from June 5 to 18.

In addition, the fan account 'jiMoon' announced on the 18th, "We prepared a special gift for Jimin to celebrate the 7th anniversary of our debut," and proceeded with 'Subway advertisement', 'Instagram advertisement', and 'Youtube advertisement'. 

As the various events of the Global Jimin Fandom commemorating the 7th anniversary of the debut of the BTS are announced one after another, the atmosphere calmed by Corona 19 is reviving. In addition, Jimin's fan base accounts are also predicting how to support the celebration event.

Written by Kim Soo Jin
Translated by Lee So Yun

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