Kang Daniel "Prevent Corona 19! Let's do our best for each other!"


Singer Kang Daniel, ahead of the comeback on the 24th, delivered a message of support to overcome Corona 19.

On the 24th, Kang Daniel participated in the Corona 19 Star Cheering Message Relay by Star News.

In the video, Kang Daniel emphasized, "A lot of people are trying hard to overcome Corona 19, which is spreading to the level of severity. It is most important to prevent the disease in advance."

"Please thoroughly wash your hands with soap in running water, cover mouth and nose with sleeves when sneezing, and do not touch eyes and nose with unwashed hands. Please wear mask and distract yourself from social gathering as possible and avoid contact with people with fever or respiratory symptoms. "

"As Corona 19 is prolonged, many people are going through a more difficult time, but I hope that they can overcome each other with a little bit of strength. I hope all of you are healthy. Please do it!"

Kang Daniel will resume the singer's activity through the new album 'CYAN' on the 24th.

Written by Yoon Sang Geun
Translated by Lee So Yun



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