BTS│④ 10 Questions with V and Jungkook (2014. 5. 1)

1. As soon as you got to the amusement park you went around checking out all the rides. What was your favorite?
: I was super excited because I found one I didn’t ride before. I also like the Squirrel Cage, where you fly around. I love theme parks, especially rides like the Gyro Shot Drop, the Gyro Frisbee, and the Rollercoaster. I’m not a fan of ghosts or gore, and I’m also afraid of heights, but rides are different. They’re safe but can still give you a thrill.

2. You didn’t move a lot in the photo shoot. Did you feel a bit awkward?
: My model friends once told me that you won’t get good photos if you get in the habit of moving around too much. So I tried not moving a lot, and I got better shots. Stars like Gong Yoo and G-Dragon seem to master angles that look good on them, but I haven’t been able to yet. I’ve learned maybe just the fact that I should avoid facing the camera with a straight angle.

3. You’re well known to play a lot of pranks. Do any of the members play pranks on you?
I suppose maybe Suga. Sometimes when I’m tired and lying down, he suddenly comes and hugs me tight, saying “are you tired, little guy?” (Laughter) Rap Monster makes a lot of jokes in rap and rhyme, but I’m nowhere near his level. All I can manage is something like “You talkin (mal) to a horse (mal)?” or “Callin (geom) a friend with a sword (geom).” Get it?

4. You like animations, right? What are you watching lately?
: I’ve watched all the episodes of “One Piece” so far. But none of the members except Jin like animations. Really, animations are so good once you’ve started, and I can’t believe they won’t watch even if I show them. It’s a pity I can’t share all of the touching aspects of the story, like who lived and who died, and how that was fruitful, that sort of thing.

5. You’ve been writing songs continuously. Are you better at it now?
: I’m distancing myself from song-writing at the moment. Even though I know what kind of lyrics I want for my melody, they don’t come to me. All I can come up with is “I really love you” or “only you.” I’m waiting till I can do better than that.

6. You’re studying Japanese really hard. How much have you learnt?
: I can hold a daily conversation. I think it helps to talk to Japanese fans at fansign events. I especially like words like komibako (garbage bin), or guragura (shaky shaky). “Komi” means garbage, but doesn’t it sound nice? Komi… Komi… Komi… (Laughter) It kind of sticks. RM and I used to take Japanese lessons together but maybe because he’s one of the top 1% he has his own way of studying. He writes words that he isn’t sure about in his phone or in a big notepad. I once thought he might as well take notes on his palm! (Laughter)

7. You seem to take on a lot of learning or hobbies. Does this mean you also give up easily?
: Yes. I learned how to play the saxophone for 4 years, but after taking 4 years off I found it hard to improve. I try to practice but my mouth hurts. I used to have my own signature sound, but now that I sound like any other woodwind, it’s just not worth it. I once won a competition playing “Desperado” of the Eagles and I’ve always told myself I can move the world with that song, but it’s become a common piece for people to play now. I was looking for another piece when I got casted to BTS and I just kind of gave up.

8. You’ve often said you have a good sense of fashion. What do you look for in an outfit?
: I like making a statement with one color. If I’m wearing black, I like to wear a different color bandana for effect, or pull off a unique hat like a round hat, not just a snapback. You can pull off anything in this world. I say why not? If the hat doesn’t go with the outfit, you can change the clothes. If I find a hat I like, I make sure I buy matching pants and shoes all in one go. Then I don’t shop for clothes for another 5 months.

9. The members say you’re quite lovable. What’s your secret?
: I treat everyone like a friend whether they are younger or older. That’s how younger guys in the group can feel comfortable fooling around and come up with better ideas. Sometimes I can also feel I’m valued by the people around me. When I’m listening to my friend’s concerns, often I’m told I’m the only one who knows about it. If I’m unable to keep in touch, I get messages telling me I’m missed. I remember getting 50 really long Kakotalk messages on my birthday once.

10. People say that you can wander off in your own world sometimes. How far have you let your imagination stray?
: I do think naughty thoughts, but mostly I think about becoming Iron Man. I simulate how to really fly. I feel like I could, if I took parts from a plane and wore them. It could work if I fueled it up.

1. On the shoot you didn’t hesitate squashing a bug. Are you normally fearless of bugs?
: I don’t like bugs, but I do like cool-looking insects like rhinoceros beetles and stag beetles. I used to have a stag beetle as a kid but it died early because I didn’t care for it properly. I brought it home one day from the hills and put it in a container. Oh, and I once caught 3 or 4 crayfish from the hills in summer. But I didn’t know what to do with them back then, and they withered up all red because I left them out… They died without even getting a name. I was so devastated.

2. Have you had any other pets?
: I have a Maltese at home, called Gureumee (which means “cloud”). Gureumee had to stay at home alone because my parents both work and my brother went to serve military duty. I jokingly asked the members if we could have a dog in the dorm, but they said no. They said dogs need a good living environment but we have too many people and clothes or shoes lying around and that it would only shorten their lifespan!

3. You started high school recently. What’s your favorite subject?
: I hate all of them except PE, art, and music. I like PE the most, especially when we get to play dodgeball and badminton. Since middle school I always used to score hard balls against the other team whenever I played dodgeball. I think I’m quick at acquiring physical skills. Man, but earth sciences is so hard. I’m the type of person who believes you can excel at something else if studying is not your thing, so I’ve decided to give up squarely on earth sciences.

4. Do you have any resolutions now that you turned 18?
: I used to take things for granted when I was younger, but now I want to keep practicing and improving myself. Last year I practiced because I had to, but now I do it myself. I’ve been reading, too. It’s a book called “Icm+,” and I got it as a gift from one of my fans. I read it whenever I’m free or before going to bed. I reckon it will help me be a better speaker than not, right?

5. The members say you’ve been working on your muscles, and it’s motivated them, too. How did you start exercising.
: The other members used to work out more than I did, but one day I was watching stars like Taeyang and Jay Park and I knew I wanted to build more muscle. The members have started following me but it’s not like it’s a competition for me. I believe that working out is all about the science, for instance using 6kg weights since I weigh 65kg. I don’t notice as much, but people tell me I’ve definitely grown in size.

6. Let’s forget you are a singer and that you are just another boy called Jungkook. What sort of man do you consider a real man?
: A real man doesn’t care what others think. The sort of person who can do what he wants. In saying this I must say I’m a bit timid, so I’m far from that. I suppose it depends how hard I try, but I hope by twenty I will grow into someone who dresses well, sings well, and writes good songs and lyrics.

7. The pictures you upload seem to show a style of your own. When did you start drawing?
: Everyone in my family draws well, so I started young as well. My dad’s pretty cool because he once draw a picture called “Let’s go, baby,” and it looked exactly like Park Shin-yang. I thought it was done by a professional. My brother and mother are also really talented, and I think I come last in the family. It’s not like I learned properly, so I can’t really express everything in my imagination. Sometimes I make pen sketches of the faces of our members. It was easiest drawing RM back when he wore sunglasses and had wavy hair.

8. You’re a year older now. Are there times you feel older?
: Eye wrinkles… suddenly so many! Maybe because I smile a lot? Not that I wear eye cream or take any extra care. But more importantly, I think I used to whine a lot to the other members. Now I think to myself that I should filter out my thoughts before speaking, even if I don’t feel like it.

9. You have a Busan dialect. Is it that you can’t get rid of it, or you won’t?
: It’s true that I can’t fix it, but at the same time I don’t really try to. It’s kind of a pride matter for Busan guys, which is a thing. Actually I’d like to use both a Seoul accent and Busan accent later on in my life. Oh, Jimin is also from Busan and V is from Daegu. If I put my mind to it, I can neutralize my accent more than they can. Of course, it might slip out again in no time.

10. You’ve started practicing the guitar. How was the reaction?
: I started practicing when I found out Justin Bieber doesn’t just sing but knows how to play the guitar and drums as well. I haven’t been able to practice a lot, and I’ve mostly been practicing acoustic guitar for about a month now with a book. The other members don’t seem to notice, though. Oh, V doesn’t like losing so he started learning how to play the guitar when he saw me playing, even though he used to play the saxophone! I think he wants to do a lot of things but doesn’t see it to the end. Jimin and I sometimes talk about that. (Laughter) It might bother the others if they heard?



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