Seungri gate: Their Criminal Allegations

The following is a short breakdown of the criminal conduct and allegations currently under investigation of several male stars in Korea surrounding the so-called “Burning Sun Gate,” or “Seungri Gate.”

Seungri (ex-member of boy group Big Bang): announced his retirement from show business and is currently being investigated for sex trafficking and illegal business operations of a bar
Seungri (Seung-hyun Lee) faces police charges over arranging for prostitution (violation of the Special Act on Prostitution) and allegations such as tax evasion, offshore gambling as well as corrupt links to the police. Club “Burning Sun,” of which Seungri was executive director, is also under investigation amid controversy over the distribution and administration of drugs such as GHB and ecstasy, and sexual assault facilitated by drugs. SBS funE revealed Kakao Talk (Kakao) messages suggesting Seungri procured, i.e. arranged for sexual favors, in December of 2015. According to reports he told employees to “bring girls” in preparation to a meet with overseas investors, requesting “ones that give it up easy.” The conversation includes a number of comments that degrade women treating them as objects that can be given or taken. The police have additionally received and are investigating testimony that Seungri called on prostitutes and pimped them at his birthday party in December 2017.

Joon-young Jung (singer and TV personality) – officially retired from showbiz and was arrested by the police; he is currently detained in Jongno police station
Joon-young Jung’s charge is a violation of the Act on Special Cases concerning the punishment of sexual crimes etc. (filming by camera etc.). SBS reported that Jung was part of the Katok group chat containing the circumstantial evidence of Seungri’s involvement in procuring prostitutes and that Jung had habitually leaked multiple videos and photos of having sexual intercourse with numerous female victims. According to a report secured by the Korean Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission, Jung shared on numerous occasions the illegal content not only to Seungri but group chats with other acquaintances and one-on-one chat rooms. The relevant conversations included conspiring to commit rape and derogative expressions of the victims. 10 female victims were identified within the chats during an 8 month period beginning 2015, and “the number of victims considering the period between then and now should be overwhelming...”, according to the initial whistle-blower and lawyer Jeong-hyeon Bang.

Jun-hyung Yong (ex-member of boy group Highlight): quit his group and maintains his original contract, currently being investigated as a suspect regarding the charges of Joon-young Jung
While Jun-hyung Yong did view together the illegally filmed content shared by Joon-young Jung and stood by without doing anything, whether or not he participated in illegal filming or distribution has not yet been confirmed. According to the chat room content revealed by SBS, Yong responded to Joon-young Jung who had been “found out distributing illegally filmed content” by asking whether he [Jung] had been “caught out [by the woman].” On the day of the news report he claimed through Instagram “the reports that have been edited without consideration of the situation before and after are completely false.” However 3 days later he confessed on his Instagram that “while I didn’t receive that particular video, I have received another one. I also partook in indecent conversation regarding the video.”

Jong-hoon Choi (ex member of boy group FT Island): his contract with his agency was terminated and is currently undergoing investigation for charges of illegal filming and distribution, and bribery
Jong-hoon Choi who was FT Island’s leader, guitarist and keyboardist, is facing alongside Joon-young Jung charges of illegal filming and distribution. He also sparked controversy for his attitude when after his charges were revealed he stood with his hands behind his back at the police photo line and “liked” the photo of himself summoned at the police station. SBS revealed that Choi was one of the group chat members of the so-called “Seungri, Joon-young Jung chat room.” According to reports Choi shared photos taken himself and repeatedly made degrading comments critiquing the women victims. When another chat room participant shared a secretly taken photo of an unconscious woman, he induced the sharing of illegally filmed content by saying “send me a live girl.” Investigations also revealed circumstantial evidence that Choi attempted to bribe a policeman to cover up a drunk driving incident in 2016.

Jong-hyun Lee (member of boy group CNBlue): released an official apology through his agency, maintaining his contract and currently serving mandatory military duty
“Singer Lee,” who had been revealed to have circulated illegal content with Joon-young Jung, turned out to be Jong-hyun Lee. SBS revealed a Katok conversation containing circumstantial evidence as to Lee habitually participating in degrading comments towards women and sharing illegally filmed content. In the chat room Lee called women “easy to play with” and said things like “hand over the chicks already,” treating them like objects that can be bought or sold. He also urged Joon-young Jung to “hurry up and send over the video.” In regards to having claimed Jong-hyun Lee’s innocence earlier his agency FNC Entertainment provided the explanation that “we had no choice but to rely on the artist’s claims which were based on his recollection without any fact checking available of a Kakao Talk chat that had taken place 4-5 years ago.” While it has been revealed that Lee in fact viewed the illegally filmed content as did Jun-hyung Yong, his charges regarding illegal filming and distribution have yet to be confirmed.



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